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celticgrl ([personal profile] celticgrl) wrote2011-06-05 03:07 am
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So quick update I am still alive just havent been on LJ much lately cause I have been writing my little heart out not that I have anywhere to post them I currently have 8 wip's the bunny has bit and bit hard LOL .

I really think the end of the world is coming since Beth has been so nice lately it is scary. Mom isnt doing to well the RA has gotten to the point where it takes her about two hours to get out of bed in the morning the doctor has said she meds are not helping the next step is radiation treatments.

Dad has finally decided to retire or at least he says he is all the equipment except the tire changer is gone from the shop he only has one employee now that does the work and he sits behind his desk most of the day (Yes this is dads idea of retiring LOL )

Hey what do you know no bitching this time

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