Nov. 9th, 2010

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I just had somebody come to the door and knock looking for the EMT driver that took their mother to the hospital when their father shot her on Dec 19 !979. It is obvious that the EMT driver was not me as I was only two at that time.

I asked why would they come here and they said the guy at the corner store told them to talk to the lady at this address two years ago when they came looking before but they didnt have the time then to do so, here is the kicker Bryan's grandparents owned that store up until it burned down 6 years ago. I have tried finding this lady on the SSDI tried searching local newspaper archives and news stories and got nothing on a murder on that with that name in this county.

Something is not jiving with this story and I am home alone tonight and have to go back to work tomorrow 2-11 Bryan has to work 3-1130 I am worried that maybe somebody was casing the place t rob us and that when the door was answered they had to come up with a story real quick the facts just are not making any sense to me. What say you my friends.

Edit- Went to help Bryan's aunt out with something and she had the same story but hers happened on Sunday a week ago. While helping her search for court records in Brunswick county I see my name listed as Failure to Appear today which I took to day off to make sure I was in court called the Clerk Off Court Office and they tell me "oh we haven't updated today yet it should be fixed tomorrow.


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