Mar. 9th, 2010

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So I am a complete dolt today went to upload the banners I made for challenge 55 at [ profile] disneychrtricon and ended up loading them here to my journal rather than over there *head desk*.

But I have figured out how to upload from my laptop to my blackberry and vice versa so now I am able to be more involved in some of the icontest I use to *YAY*

If a certain somebody*cough* [ profile] tpeej *cough* doesn't stop being so damn mean I am going to fly to Reno and smack her around a little bit.
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a new CBS television pilot from Bonanza Productions Inc. and executive producers John Wells (Southland, ER, The West Wing and Third Watch), Hannah Shakespeare(Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home) and Christopher Chulack (Southland, ER, Third Watch).

According to a release, the untitled medical project revolves around a team of medical professionals who travel the US helping those in desperate need of assistance.

They are having a casting call saturday I may hate doing extra work but film work is film work at this point.

Edit 1- The pilot features an ensemble cast including Janeane Garofalo (24, Freak Show, The West Wing), Amy Smart (Scrubs), Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight) and Jay Hernandez (Friday Night Lights, the Hostel movies, Lakeview Terrace).


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