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My absolute favorite thing which my mom only mKes during the holidays is sausage dressing. The thing i hate at any time of the year is anything to do with sweet potatoes complete and total ewwww
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My dad and I were just talking about this the other day. We were on vacation when I was four I don't remember where we were going, i only remember sitting in the hotel room I think it was a holiday inn, because I can see myself laying down on the bed on my stomach and the bed spread is that awful flower print that they use to use and on the TV was the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
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My fav weird thing that people give me funny looks for and go ewww is A frosty from Wendy's and dipping french fries in it.
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I dont have a problem with my birth name so wouldnt change it, but Bryan is currently going through the process to change his name back to his birth name. It was changed when he was adopted and now that he has reconnected with his birth family he wants to carry their name and not the one he has. They are trying to drown him in paperwork I think LOL.
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If I could own a restuarant it would serve a little bit of everything.  As to the name it is silly but It would either be "I Don't Know' or "Whatever You Want"
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I would want a tribble.They are so adorable would just have to remember not to feed them experimental grain and keep them away from klingons
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[Error: unknown template qotd]My earliest childhood memory is from Christmas 1980 We had been at my mom's parents house to ring in the new year dad had stayed over after mom brought me home to put me to bed drinking and having fun with my uncle's. He came up on the porch and tripped over the door jam. I had gotten a toy doctor kit for Christmas and mom had a picture of my dad passed out on the floor and me using my little doctor kit to try to take care of daddy.


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