Mar. 14th, 2009 09:41 pm
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Hello to all my buddies on livejournal I know I have been missing all week. So a quick recap flew tuesday morning early down to fort myers fl where I meet up with two friends and we went to the nkotb concert there on thursday. We got to the arena around 11am which nbd deal cause there was a huge mall right next door. while standing outside the arena I got to meet Danny and Donnie was in heaven the concert was amazing. Friday morning me and my friend nikki got up and got on a bus to orlando where we went to the concert there it was a blast. Today met up with [ profile] erinm_4600 and she and I drove to Saint Simons island and had lunch with her [ profile] godess_jessie and [ profile] nawag1r once lunch was over we wandered aroung the island were we found a cute little tea shop. When we parted company I left with [ profile] godess_jessie and [ profile] nawag1r  ans we are now in SC where we will be going to the nkotb concert in greenville on tuesday for a late bday pressie for [ profile] nawag1r . So at this poitn it has been an amazing week will post pics once I get home the only bad thing was I got burnt to a crisp my irish ass forgot that I needed sunblock standing outside for so long in a tanktop *face palm*
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Triple T will be back together March 17 th for another go at seeing NKOTB. Look out world here we go again.


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