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The holiday season is upon which means retail sucks ass .. you dont know how happy I am to be working third since we dont deal with any customers they have had some doozy's.

I have two things going for this lovely year that will soon end. The first is this lovely fandom advent calendar so far only one person has asked for anything and I will get to those this weekend [livejournal.com profile] brunette89 .

The second is my holiday card list I have addresses from past years but if you have moved since last year make sure I have your new addy.

That is all for now who knows may come up with something more later might take a page out of [livejournal.com profile] erinm_4600 's book and spam the hell out of LJ today LOL
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So just a recap on life in general also as you can see by the time of this post it is posted at 530am I just got home from work and am about to go to bed.

Work moved me to third shift which I am really loving just for the fact it is so much more relaxed than any other time of the day.

Thanksgiving is Thursday I have to work from 8pm to 4 am however because I have not been with the company for more than 90 days thet are saying we do not get holiday pay I was like WTF ! 

Just to nudge people a little since I know some have moved since the Holiday cards went out get me your addy so I can send you a pretty for the joyful festive season coming up quick

As always it is also that time of year I try to do something special for my LJ peeps so go check this out.

IF you are on my facebook page I just posted pics from Bry's Bday party this past saturday.

Other than that nothing new. I am going to the land of the shower and then bed TTYL.

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Thsi is the video from the 3rd Annual Zombie Walk to help raise money for The Food Bank

See if you can find Zombie!Jenny.

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Welcome the newest addition to my family my little cousin Alonzo James he was born at 10:32 central time August 24th and weighs 7 pounds 12.4 ounces and is 20 inches long


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