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So going through my friend page this morning I see that the next challenge for [livejournal.com profile] disney_hush is winding down the prompt is Mary Poppins which is totally WIN so I went to check to make sure I had entered my pretties I had made only to see that I had not. This is where the head desk comes in I was cleaning out everything off my computer that I had loaded to photobucket the other day and though I had loaded the Mary Poppins Icons to said service, so I go to Photobucket to grab the coding and links and suck only to see I had not loaded them and I did a complete clean out of my computer's recycle bin.
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So I knew somethings were a little weird but could not figure out what for some reason I have had to go back and rejoin all my tinman communities they went poof off my flist. Anybody else having this problem???

I am still trying to add them all back as I type this is crazy.

Also voting for challenge 135 is up at[livejournal.com profile] movie_stillness

Head Desk

Nov. 24th, 2009 07:20 pm
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I am probably opening up a huge can of worms here but I need to vent and vent I shall.

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