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The holiday season is upon which means retail sucks ass .. you dont know how happy I am to be working third since we dont deal with any customers they have had some doozy's.

I have two things going for this lovely year that will soon end. The first is this lovely fandom advent calendar so far only one person has asked for anything and I will get to those this weekend [livejournal.com profile] brunette89 .

The second is my holiday card list I have addresses from past years but if you have moved since last year make sure I have your new addy.

That is all for now who knows may come up with something more later might take a page out of [livejournal.com profile] erinm_4600 's book and spam the hell out of LJ today LOL
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Comment and I will...
01. Respond with something random about you.
02. Tell you which color you remind me of.
03. Tell you my first memory of you.
04. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
05. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
06. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
07. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
08. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
09. Do a jumping jack. Pump my fist in the air!
10. Drink more Tea!
11. Tell you the time.
12. Reply with an amusing Youtube video
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1. My username is ______ because ______.
Diesa_j My friend Trisha calls me diesa and the J is my first inital
2. My name is _____ because ______.
Jenny very very long embarrassing story, but I was suppose to be Sean Patrick

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
My Crazy House and I think I need to come up with something better but with my friends and everything I follow is does get to be a crazy house

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
Mental Patients because I really think some of you have got to be mental to have associated with me this long

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
Is the winner icon for Nanowrimo

Meme Alert

Mar. 21st, 2009 11:01 pm
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Take 2 )

Take The Greek Mythology Personality Test
at HelloQuizzy

Your result for The Elemental Test...


The Protector

Your nature is Earth. You are protective and nurturing to those close to you and appreciate nature for it's own sake. Though violence and morbidity may disturb you, you have become accustomed to them being a part of everyday life and are perfectly ready to protect yourself from being included in these events.

Take The Elemental Test
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Your result for The Elemental Beauty Test...

Natural Beauty

50% Earth, 8% Air, 17% Water, and 25% Fire!

You scored 50% Earth! Outstanding!

The Earth element is a natural beauty. They tend to keep more toward greens, blacks, and natural colors for their wardrobe and their make-up, if they wear it to begin with. They tend to be grounded and not caught up in the latest trends. They are more interested in doing what feels right for them and being in touch with what is around them.

For inner beauty earth elements look for stability and commitment. They look after others and their family. They are realistic and tactile, meaning they aren't afraid to touch and be touched. But they can also be quite stubborn and unmoving when their mind is made up.

Zodiac signs for earth are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

You also scored:


17% Water: Water is the etheral beauty. They like things that drape and shimmer. The love vintage and heirlooms; things with emotional ties and history. 0% Water may mean that you don't trust or use your intuition. Equal Water and Air would indicate a person that is a hard worker with a need for security and an attachment to possessions.

8% Air: Air is the fearless beauty. They are offbeat and funny. The mix old fashions with new and love to make new trends. They aren't afraid to be new or crazy. 0% Air could indicate that you have trouble looking at things objectively. Persons with equal Earth and Air are usually those who think and use good common sense.

25% Fire: Fire is the alluring beauty. They like to wear bright colors and show some skin. They are sexually minded and spicy. They use a lot of charm to get what they want. 0% Fire can often be seen in someone that pushes and tries to force self-expression. An equal Fire and Earth person is someone who has the ability to be powerfully creative. Fire provides the motivation and Earth provides the tangible results.

Take The Elemental Beauty Test
at HelloQuizzy

ba ba black sheep  )
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snagged from [livejournal.com profile] erinm_4600 

Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Your Result: Gwen Cooper

You most resemble the team's second-in-command and ex-police officer. Empathetic and stubborn, you tend to grab the bull by its horns and have difficulty admitting when you're wrong, though you always mean well. You are inconsistent in your relationships, wanting stability but also craving drama, and sometimes end up putting yourself first.

Captain Jack Harkness
Ianto Jones
Toshiko Sato
Owen Harper
Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz


Dec. 5th, 2008 01:43 pm
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I know it is early but wanted to make sure I remembered to get this done today.



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