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That it was time for a real update, Not that much is going on mind you. 

The job at Big Lots! is still going great only a couple of manager sucks and co workers sucks at this point but nothing worthy of posting right now.

Bryan and I are still going strong we celebrated 7 months together Friday even though I had to work 2-11 but hey no biggie.

[livejournal.com profile] neefalco text me the other day with an OMG OMG type text and I though something was wrong turned out she was just excited because nkotb and bsb are going to tour together they actually have a show on her birthday in NJ and it looks like me and her maybe going to it nothing set in stone  yet.

Also my Holiday card post is up here I know a few of my friends have moved since last year so please make sure I have your new address all comments are screened.

I have pretty much missed every basketball game this season but, my Celtics sem to be holding there own and are in first place in the NBA standings with 8 wins 2 losses. Bruins also seem to be doing not so bad at least at this point 14 wins 8 losses second in league standings at this point we shall see how the rest of the season goes. 

I am so far behind right now on Nano it is not funny I am only at 10,000 words and should be at the half way point by now  but, with Bryan and I working the same schedule it is impossible for me to get to use the computer since until I can get a monitor it is hooked up to his flat screen in the living room. *le sigh* maybe I will try to play catch up tomorrow while I am off.

Right now I think that is all. Love and hugs to all my friends here on Eljay

Game One

Oct. 27th, 2009 10:35 pm
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The C's opened tonight with a lousy start and I really thought they were going to bomb out on their first game of the season by the end of the second it had been a seesaw game with the score going back and forth to either team leading then tying.

The third started off quick as the C's pulled ahead quickly to remain that way until the fourth where it looked like the Cav's may just win after all as the scores started creeping slowly up. By the end of the fourth all the player looked tired but proud of themselves as the C's beat the Cav's on their home turf for the first time since Dec. 18th 2004.

The Celtics take down the Cavaliers, 95-89, on the road in Cleveland and are 1-0 as the season gets off to a great start

The Celtics head home tonight and take on the Charlotte Bobcats at 7:30 p.m. in the Garden.


Feb. 12th, 2009 09:39 pm
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Am in a strange mood tonight sitting at hooters watching the Bulls Heat wating for the Celtics game to start

Celtics are on top first in the league with tonights win WOOHOO  

Score 98 Celtics Dallas 91


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